Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Vancouver is located in British Columbia and is well-known as one of Canada's most beautiful cities. The city offers a lot of recreational activities and options. It also has several places that display a wide range of fun and social activities. Considering Vancouver homes for sale with the guidance of a renowned real estate agent, Lorne Goldman is definitely a good idea because along with recreational fun and activities, the city is also known for the following:

Culture: Vancouver has merger in itself a wide range of ethnic groups that have brought with them a lively, vibrant and distinct aggregation of wonderful cuisines, elegant heritage and artwork.

 Beautiful Homes: Homes in Vancouver can be rightly described as more than just beautiful they are just wonderful. Surrounded by the beautiful views of both the mountains and the oceans, several homes in the downtown offer stunning and picturesque views of the famed Stanley Park in Vancouver.

Amazing People: To find the friendliest people on the earth - come to Vancouver. They are just amazing, so supporting, kind and always eager to help you. Thus, you will not take a long time to blend in with your neighborhood if you are thinking to buy a home in Vancouver.

Exciting Shopping Options
: The city has become a most happening hub of some of the best shopping outlets in the entire Canada. You can find an amazing fashion district in Vancouver that is known for its exciting arts culture. You can easily shop for your favorite brands in the luxurious malls in the city.

The scenic beauty
: Once you are in Vancouver, you will positively realize that you are in the most beautiful and scenic city in the world. You will surely enjoy and treasure the picturesque oceans, mountains, beautiful and green forests and parks in the city.
Once you have made the big decision to buy your own house in Vancouver real estate sector, your family will naturally be excited. In all the excitement, don't forget to consider important considerations when you plan to buy a house to take the right decision.

Especially, if you are a first time home buyer, you might face a tough time in finding a home of your choice and budget. This is due to the lack of sufficient knowledge about the Vancouver real estate market that can lead to confusion and stress thus compelling you to take wrong decisions. By taking into account, a few things before you buy your first house in BC real estate Canada you can be successful in your achieving your desired goal.

A look at various aspects that cannot be ignored if you are planning to buy a property in Vancouver:

Home Specifications and Requirements
: Start the whole process of home hunting by considering your home buying needs, specifications and requirements. This will aid you in narrowing down your search in Vancouver real estate listings. There are a number of houses available for sale in Vancouver that offers exclusive facilities, neighborhood and amenities; simply, plan as per your budget and your home requirement. If you do not conduct a proper planning prior to hunting of a new home, you may get confused and lose a lot of time and energy searching for a good deal.

Search for a good real estate company in Vancouver: The next step is to search for a good real estate company that has sound experience in Vancouver real estate sector. These experts possess adequate knowledge of the neighborhood, homes and apartments available for sale in Vancouver. They will make your search hassle-free by assisting you in house searching from beginning to end. Just disclose your home buying budget & home specifications and leave the rest to them. The company will also keep you updated regarding the current condition prevailing in the market of BC real estate in Canada.

Locate a good realtor: Locating a good realtor is another crucial step toward buying your dream property in Vancouver. Realtor’s job is to provide you with necessary house buying tips. Make sure to tell the chosen realtor all about your house specifications and budget so that he comprehends what you are looking for. You can also mention your preferences related to the locality and neighborhood. Always make it clear that you don't want to consider those houses that are out of your budget. By doing this, you can save a lot of your time in unnecessary moving from one property to another. Realtors also have a fair idea about the financial institutions that lend money for home buying.

Vancouver offers a lot when it comes to luxurious homes, thus, you have to wait for the right opportunity to avail the best property deal. Vancouver’s most successful real estate agent, Lorne Goldman can also guide you with negotiations and paper work involved in house purchasing.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

According to a press release issued by Real Estate Board of Grater Vancouver (REBGV), the real estate market in Vancouver city is showing signals of improvement. The prestigious organization reports that the sale of residential property has reached to 2882 Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in May 2013 as compared to 2853 sales recorded in the past month. When compared with the data of last year, the sales remain low but Real Estate Analysts in Vancouver are still optimistic about the growth.

The total number of properties currently listed for sale on the MLS® in Greater Vancouver is 17,222, a 3.4 per cent low when compared to May 2012 and a 2.9 per cent high as compared to April 2013.

The Real Estate industry is a key economic driver in British Columbia. In 2012, 25,032 homes changed ownership in the Board’s area generating $1.07 billion in economic spin-off activity and creating an estimated 7,125 jobs.

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities of Canada. Thousands of tourists and wanderers visit the city to experience the beauty and most of them find it mesmerizing and enchanting. If you plan to visit Vancouver, no matter if you are of a business trip, there is one recommended place to visit: Vancouver Lookout.

Vancouver Lookout provides 360° view of city of Vancouver. You will be on Cloud 9 while watching the city's beauty from a 167 m tall building maintaining the legacy of Vancouver BC Real Estate. The staff present there are very friendly. They will provide you a complimentary guided tour or you can simply walk around the deck and choose your favorite places to explore.

This picture has been taken from Vancouver Lookout Tower, you can image how breathtaking view would be presented from there.


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

If you are planning to visit Vancouver, here is a video which can help you out to find the best places in the city.

And if you wish to relocate to the city and feel like buying real estate at Vancouver, Contact Lorne Goldman, the award winning realtor with 32 years of experience in real estate industry.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Vancouver is a beautiful city indeed. There are a lots of videos available on Youtube which can show you a glimpse on its beauty. If you don't want to browse all of them, then you can watch this:
 This video has been made by synchronizing mesmerizing pictures of Vancouver city. The fact that it has been an axis of  real estate in Canada, many skyscrapers have been raised here and they have become icons of this city.
Living in Vancouver is just the right thing for you if you are looking for mild climate, beautiful surroundings, and countless opportunities for leisure, and access to the finest amenities and facilities.

Here are 7 wonderful reasons for living in Vancouver, BC:

  1. The climate of Vancouver is unbelievably mild. Its winters are in fact the warmest compared to most of the cities and provinces of Canada. You will rarely find snow out here. Snow falls on an average of 11 days in a year. Summers are dry and warm.
  2. The Forbes has ranked Vancouver as the 10th cleanest cities in the world. The city continuously makes efforts in environmental sustainability.
  3. Vancouver is ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the world. Life out here is less hectic and more relaxed.
  4. Vancouver is ethnically diverse. Approximately 50% of the people do not speak English as their first language.
  5. Vancouver has got a highly diversified economy. It houses a variety of industries, including Information Technology, biotechnology, electronics, biopharmaceutical, mining, forestry, and alternative fuels.
  6. Vancouver has two major universities, many community colleges, government funded elementary schools and highs schools, and a variety of private schools. Children can rest assured of high quality education in both government funded and private schools.
  7. Vancouver promises a very high standard of health care. The city has got some of the best hospitals. Basic medical care is covered by the Medical Services Plan for British Columbia which is financed by the taxes and transfers from the Federal Government.

Want to live in this amazing city? Buy real estate in Vancouver today and enjoy living in one of Canada’s most beautiful cities.